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3D printing is the most fun side hustle out there, but turning a profit can be challenging and lonely

Introducing Virtual Factories


A network of 3D printing businesses coming together to make the economics of 3D printing work.

From side hustle to full time to thriving business, Virtual Factories offer everything you need to seize financial freedom.


Don’t wait! Industry 4.0’s 3D printing revolution could pass you by.

Sign up to be notified when you can apply to own a Virtual Factory and be one of the first to make money 3D printing.

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Virtual Factories 

launch soon.


Jordan Javice

"3D Printing can be a lonely business. Very excited to join the Virtual Factories community."

Ruben Abrams

"3D printing's so much fun, but I didn't think there was any money in it after reading about other experiences. (Virtual Factories Founder) Justin cracked the code to profits."

Charli Franklin

"Never could've taken 3D printing from hobby to my full time work without (Virtual Factories Founder Justin Haines) help."

We handle all the hard work.

You print the perfected custom design.

Together we delight customers.

Don’t sit back and watch 3D printing explode without you. Join our network before it’s too late.

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